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transient – over the river and through the woods [one016] mp3

Release Text:
Transient has developed his own niche blend of downtempo mixed with, well, everything else. Often sample heavy, he skitters around in time conjuring images of worn vhs home videos, dark rooms and smoke filled lounges — yet manages to salvage a modern and personalized sound by refusing to surrender to the confines of the retrospective.. 

Each song is a unique experience, but the release remains coherent as a whole. Most likely this is through the use of scattered vocals on songs like “look” and “my last goodbye” — a welcome addition that seems to provide the motif for the rest of the record. A theme that sits well with the dirty breaks, jazz, ambience and even theatric moments that also appear throughout.

Release in 2004 in mp3 format on one.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : electronic data

02 : basks

03 : so fine

04 : railroad flying machine

05 :  no friends, no enemies

06 : hoagie hound

07 : look

08 : everything dub

09 : macrame

10 : forest zone

11 : my last goodbye

12 : muse

13 : adk thunderstorm

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