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transient – hexual ceiling [mtk174] mp3

Release Text:
We’re delighted to debut the fourth Monotonik release from prodigious U.S. idm veteran Transient, in the form of the 20-track ‘Hexual Ceiling’ album. He’s previously released on multiple major netlabels such as Kikapu, Ogredung and Miasmah, as well as debuting remixes and other tracks on labels such as Darla and TBTMO, plus his own Noisy Vagabond, and this longform effort doesn’t disappoint.

Anyhow, there are all kinds of highlights to the album, from the delightful drift of lead-off track ‘Cloudwalk’, through the intriguing, almost booty-based remix of Bay Area idm freak Mochipet, all the way through the impeccable sway of the title track.

Things finish up with ‘Magical Creatures’, a totally weird but smart vocal blast: ‘I got no motivation… to make these magical creatures’, before it’s brought home with the absolutely sublime ‘RPG’. He’s still one of the smartest artists out there on the electronic scene, on the sly, and we still love releasing his material – long may it continue.

Released as mp3 in 2006 on Monotonik.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : cloudwalk

02 : don’t sweat it

03 : summer rain

04 : head full of stars

05 : mochipet – disco donkey (transient’s palmix)

06 : backporch

07 : cute vision

08 : finality

09 : dubble bubble

10 : hexual ceiling

11 : ghouls

12 : shatter

13 : ending begin

14 : sine experiment

15 : cute people and god (bad comfort remix)

16 : magical creatures

17 : just so i don’t have to hate it

18 : masking interlude

19 : we don’t exist

20 : rpg

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transient – endless towers [camomille068] mp3

Release Text:
Perfect timing for the release of our pal Transient’s ep Endless Towers. The end of summer, just as this ep, adequately releaves us of the intense heat and drifts into cool, yet somewhat eclectic times. Having released recently two great eps on miasmah and some other great tracks on his own netlabel noisy vagabond + monotonik, ogredung, kikapu and observatory online, Transient delivers us 32 minutes of music that makes us feel his reach into his many different styles, which all, in a beautiful contradiction, have the trademark ” transient sound ”. From housy tracks to natural almost organic ambiances to very very fresh trip-hop, transient’s addition to the camomille releases is as unpredictable as september; rain, heat, sun and cold all in one.

Released as mp3 in 2004 by Camomille.

Entire Release: .ZIP

01 : endless towers

02 : agaragar

03 : pastlyfe

04 : scuffz

05 : please don’t go

06 : diverter jam

07 : finnish dilema

08 : glance

09 : love’s not lost

10 : this situation

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transient – feel good inside [camomille102] mp3

Release Text:
You’ve seen Transient on various labels such as Thinner, Miasmah, Mono, Sutemos, One and his own output Noisy Vagabond, becoming one of the netlabel community’s most hard working individuals. This time, he offers an amazing 1hour 20 minute album filled of warm and delicately stirred tracks dwelling in hip-hop, idm, pop, ambient and house. To us, this is the definite Transient collection, showcasing his talent and his mastery of all things electronic.

Released as mp3 in 2008 on Camomille.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : conserve

02 : crick

03 : cvtecvt

04 : west lake wave cradle

05 : kane mountain fire tower dub

06 : the possibilities of movement, color, tone

07 : falcon kills fish

08 : lovebug

09 : feel good inside

10 : deep mountain

11 : cayadutta

12 : qoqqoq

13 : i won’t hurt you when your down

14 : holding back

15 :  footprints in the snow

16 : love story

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transient – over the river and through the woods [one016] mp3

Release Text:
Transient has developed his own niche blend of downtempo mixed with, well, everything else. Often sample heavy, he skitters around in time conjuring images of worn vhs home videos, dark rooms and smoke filled lounges — yet manages to salvage a modern and personalized sound by refusing to surrender to the confines of the retrospective.. 

Each song is a unique experience, but the release remains coherent as a whole. Most likely this is through the use of scattered vocals on songs like “look” and “my last goodbye” — a welcome addition that seems to provide the motif for the rest of the record. A theme that sits well with the dirty breaks, jazz, ambience and even theatric moments that also appear throughout.

Release in 2004 in mp3 format on one.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : electronic data

02 : basks

03 : so fine

04 : railroad flying machine

05 :  no friends, no enemies

06 : hoagie hound

07 : look

08 : everything dub

09 : macrame

10 : forest zone

11 : my last goodbye

12 : muse

13 : adk thunderstorm

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transient – moments in slow motion [tbtmo32] mp3

Release Text:
Prolific and seriously deep idm & downtempo dude Transient drops another one for tbtmo of Philadelphia, his former homebase that’s still got a lotta love for him. Moments In Slow Motion is a full on, filled out mental and emotional seven track ep of killer quality. Again.

Released in 2005 as an mp3 download from tbtmo.

01 : phunk chunk

02 : the clouds give way to blue

03 : moments in slow motion

04 : qwell3

05 : that’s correct

06 : this situation (original edit)

07 : ultrasound


transient – pyrite [tbtmo25] 2xCD-r

Released by tbtmo in 2002 as a 2 disc CD-r.

01-01 : get together

01-02 : phorm

01-03 : re(action) 2 the *

01-04 : secret art

01-05 : c-dlingz of zah sun

01-06 : sweater weather

01-07 : understand life

01-08 : kine

01-09 : take flight

01-10 : letting it all out

02-01 : 21 years

02-02 : calculations

02-03 : drifting

02-04 : mr. chip

02-05 : my right eye

02-06 : wiggshop

02-07 : abracadabra

02-08 : facing forward, never back

02-09 : the birds are all singing

02-10 : the air in the morning

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transient – the conceptual world is losing its grip [tbtmo21] 2001

the conceptual world is losing its grip

Release Text:
Transient is one of the most prolific recording artists we’ve met here in Philly. Lo-fi tracking is his specialty, and he’s created an extensive amount of material and released on many labels around the world. This 2001 disc debut is a seemingly effortless but intense journey of precision idm, downtempo, and atmospherics. Wow. Top-notch.

2001 CD release, Released by tbtmo, Distributed by Darla.


01 : the conceptual world is losing it’s grip

02 : current 2

03 : winter eyes

04 : it’s not for you, it’s for the cat

05 : geooeg

06 : animal laws

07 : night vision

08 : grasseyes

09 : on the edge of time

10 : algae

11 : intermission

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