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transient – ancient ep [mtk110] mp3

Release Text:
We’re delighted to present a debut EP from US artistย Transient, in the form of “Ancient EP”. With previous releases on Darla, Skylab Operations, and TBTMO, his enchanting electronica has been wandering happily around the world fora while now, and we’re happy to hasten its passage with thisrelease.

The debut track, “Gypsonic”, sets the mood perfectly, with sweeping synths, complex and beautiful rhythms, and agorgeously floating end product. The rest of the tracks on theEP only continue with that tradition, with “Tiny Flame”,all complex beats and smooth, smooth melodies, plus the guitarinflected “Self Validating Chipmunk” remix other highlights ofthis EP. So remember, if you want to stay happy for the permanent,choose Transient.

released as mp3 in 2003 on monotonik.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : gypsonic

02 : tiny flame

03 : vigorous chipmunk

04 : gypsonic (3 yr remix)

05 : self validating chipmunk

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02 : EPs, monotonik

transient – be ep [mtk145] mp3

Release Text:
irst things first – American artist Transient’s ‘Over The River And Through The Woods‘ on the One netlabel was probably our favorite netlabel release of 2004 – gorgeous laidback electronics that deserve approximately a million listens. And, since we loved the ‘Ancient EP‘ he put out on Monotonik a couple of years back, we asked him nicely for an exclusive new EP for us. So he delivered, and now we have the beautifully mixed-up melodics of the puntastically titled ‘Be EP’.

Starting out, we have ‘Ice’, a great stepping-off point for the experience, with pin-sharp percussion and dreamy melodies firmly to the fore. Then we get gratifyingly choppy, with ‘Pinocchio Jazzhands’ a strutting, funky electronic melange. A brief pause, with ‘Treelighting Ceremony…’ and its constant ambient waves, and ‘The Triumphant Return Of The Vigorous Chipmunk’ blasts up a continuation of a theme on Transient’s last Monotonik EP with aplomb. Finally, ‘Ace’ provides a counterpoint for ‘Ice’ and ends things off in style, all pulsing, almost Steve Reich-tinged swirling, repeating melodies with strange, wondrous complexity – marvellous.

released as mp3 in 2005 on monotonik.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : ice

02 : pinocchio jazzhands

03 : treelighting ceremony from a distance

04 : the triumphant return of the vigorous chipmunk

05 : ace

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transient – work/play split [mtk157] mp3

Release Text:
U.S. veteran idm artist Transient is practically an old hand at Monotonik releases now, since this is his third for the label, quite apart from some stunning EPs and albums for netlabels like One and his own Noisy Vagabond Recordings.ย 

And ‘Work/Play EP’ is a wonderful, aptly named split album, since it was composed both on work breaks with a Palm handheld (the ‘Work’ half) and at home using Impulse Tracker (the ‘Play’ half), and both halves show inspired mastery of melody, vocoded vocals, and bleep idm.ย 

Starting with the ‘Work’ half, ‘Direct’ is tremendously smart idmpop, happily proclaiming that ‘the things you desire will destroy you’. Other highlights of the ‘Work’ side include the loping, considered ‘I’m Going To Explode’, as well as the witty ‘Trashybin’. As for ‘Play’, it’s more clipped, and almost more retro, but just as lovable, with ‘Toasted’ sounding almost like it’s being played backward, and ‘Chip Ship’ layering on layers and layers of layers, before ‘Play’ slides and slithers around melodic wavelenghts that make us all happy to be alive. It’s more transforming transience from Transient, and we thank him profusely.

Release as mp3 in 2005 on monotonik.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01-01 : toasted

01-02 : all you can do

01-03 : chip ship

01-04 : sporty flute spoof

01-05 : play

02-01 : direct

02-02 : oblong

02-03 : minty fresh

02-04 : i’m going to explode

02-05 : trashybin

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01 : LPs, monotonik

transient – hexual ceiling [mtk174] mp3

Release Text:
We’re delighted to debut the fourth Monotonik release from prodigious U.S. idm veteran Transient, in the form of the 20-track ‘Hexual Ceiling’ album. He’s previously released on multiple major netlabels such as Kikapu, Ogredung and Miasmah, as well as debuting remixes and other tracks on labels such as Darla and TBTMO, plus his own Noisy Vagabond, and this longform effort doesn’t disappoint.

Anyhow, there are all kinds of highlights to the album, from the delightful drift of lead-off track ‘Cloudwalk’, through the intriguing, almost booty-based remix of Bay Area idm freak Mochipet, all the way through the impeccable sway of the title track.

Things finish up with ‘Magical Creatures’, a totally weird but smart vocal blast: ‘I got no motivation… to make these magical creatures’, before it’s brought home with the absolutely sublime ‘RPG’. He’s still one of the smartest artists out there on the electronic scene, on the sly, and we still love releasing his material – long may it continue.

Released as mp3 in 2006 on Monotonik.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : cloudwalk

02 : don’t sweat it

03 : summer rain

04 : head full of stars

05 : mochipet – disco donkey (transient’s palmix)

06 : backporch

07 : cute vision

08 : finality

09 : dubble bubble

10 : hexual ceiling

11 : ghouls

12 : shatter

13 : ending begin

14 : sine experiment

15 : cute people and god (bad comfort remix)

16 : magical creatures

17 : just so i don’t have to hate it

18 : masking interlude

19 : we don’t exist

20 : rpg

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