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transient vs. vpd – bright expressing time ep [oom008]/[dwk039] mp3

Release Text:
After the official release for HumanWorkshop in 2008, this brilliant collaboration EP comes to us re-mastered
with one more interlude track. The experimental synthetic flow of Transient meets the organic grooves of
Violent Public Disorderaz in a beautiful blend of enjoyable dusted ambience and phat beats.

released as mp3 in 2008 by fant00m, re-released with bonus track in 2009 by dusted wax kingdom.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : Transient – Bright Expressing Time (1999 Edit)

02 : Transient – Bright Expressing Time (2008 Edit)

03 : Violent Public Disorderaz – Bright Expressing Interlude

04 : Violent Public Disorderaz – Bright Expressing Time (2007 Edit)

05 : Violent Public Disorderaz – Bright Expressing Time (2008 Edit)

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