03 : Live

transient – live @ apegenine launch party [camomille083] mp3

Release Text : 
December 4th, 2004, Carl Martin crossed the border (much against the will of the evil that is canadian customs) to open the night at the Ô Patro Vys in montreal. Transient set the mood of the night with this set featuring tracks from his One and Camomille releases, as well as upcoming tracks on tbtmo. 

live @ apegenine launch party [camomille082] mp3

December 4th, 2004

01 : set

What was then listed as the set: (some details have changed since then)

1. electronic data (from ‘over the river and through the woods lp’ on one.)
2. pastlyfe (from ‘endless towers ep’ on camomille.)
3. magic genie (from ‘humid genie ep’ on camomille.)
4. sweater weather (from ‘pyrite 2cdr’ on tbtmo.)
5. downhill gravity spirls (from ‘white blazes lp’ on noisyvagabond.)
6. ts-module04_ace(vst).it (from ‘the impulse tracker ep’ upcoming split cd on tbtmo.)
7. ts-module07_lake(vst).it (from ‘the impulse tracker ep’ upcoming split cd on tbtmo.)
8. ts-module01_fin(vst).it (from ‘the impulse tracker ep’ upcoming split cd on tbtmo.)
9. cute people & god (from ‘future jazz played underwater’ on noisyvagabond.)
10. tymewerm (from ‘vibon 2’ cd compilation on tbtmo.)
11. visi (from ‘vibon’ cd compilation on tbtmo.)
12. ts-module08_treelightingceremonyfromadistance(vst).it (from ‘the impulse tracker ep’ upcoming split cd on tbtmo.com)

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04 : Compilations


Vibon [tbtmo20] 2001 CD

02 : visi

little darla has a treat for you : vol 17 2001 CD

13 : ill dart tale

2088 [sky12] [skylab operations] 2002

13 : homemade sweatlodge

vibon 2 [tbtmo26] 2002 CD

11 : tymewerm

help [tbtmo] promo CDr 2003

02 : waiting

cucina vagabonda [ogredung] [od061] mp3

04 : how to center yourself

featherfoil [camomille69] 2004 mp3

13 : in the morning

15 : absorbed in the spring – can’t translate

crossways [thinner] [thn070] mp3

16 : warm night lullaby

red planet vol. 2 [laverna] [lav13] mp3

02 : insane eyes

red, green, blue & other summer feelings [sutemos010] mp3

04 : castor

l’arbre d’un train [backtrack] [bktr007] mp3

05 : droplets

demeter weeps [camomille92] mp3

12 : bedroom ambient 02

spoonmusic [spoomusic] mp3

13 : midnight waterfall

nocturnal emission 1st flight [laverna] [lav20] mp3

07 : everything

cycles [camomille100] mp3

22 : shimmer

deep sea creatures [futonic001] CD

10 : fear of the dark depths

diggabeats [diggarama] [dig034] mp3

16 : little things

hypocondriac [apegenine] [apg008] mp3

16 : water medicine

Foundations [dewtone] 2011 mp3

15 : my last goodbye

(Some entries missing)

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