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absorbed in the spring – sounds from the post office [nvr015] mp3

Release Text :
This is the first official ‘non-transient’ release for Nvr. Back in 1999-2001 I had the pleasure of working with folk singer/songwriter Adrienne Leasa. We put together about an albums worth of material under the guise of ‘Absorbed in the Spring’ and had previously worked on tracks under the names ‘gorgeous’ and ‘superflu’. The entire record including the vocals was done is DOS impulse tracker on a 133mhz pentium computer. None the less, these 8 tracks run through a plethora of emotions with Adrienne’s superbly shimmering vocals, often times in 3 or 4 part harmony. This is lofi pop music produced with minimal equipment, give it a try.

release as mp3 in 2004 on noisyvagabond.


Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : shame

02 : crawl

03 : ol’ blue eyes

04 : prefontanelle

05 : better horizons

06 : what comes next?

07 : online

08 : 40 times a day

No longer available (not on discography DVD)