01 : LPs, noisy vagabond

transient – flicker [nvr007] mp3

Release Text:
11 tracks of various experimental electronic music. Originally released as a .zip of .it’s (Impulse Tracker) files. Tracks range from beatless-ambient to 4/4 weirdo dance tracks.
Released in 2001 as low press CDr on noisyvagabond, Re-Released 2004 as mp3.
Re-Released in 2004 as a pack of .it (impulse tracker) files on Scene.org.

01 : LPs, tbtmo

transient – the conceptual world is losing its grip [tbtmo21] 2001

Release Text:
Transient is one of the most prolific recording artists we’ve met here in Philly. Lo-fi tracking is his specialty, and he’s created an extensive amount of material and released on many labels around the world. This 2001 disc debut is a seemingly effortless but intense journey of precision idm, downtempo, and atmospherics. Wow. Top-notch.

2001 CD release, Released by tbtmo, Distributed by Darla.