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transient – waveform ep [lav14] mp3

Release Text:
Another great contribution to “netlabel scene” from Transient.
He brings the electronic sound to his basical origins, up to find again the native waveform..
this work, therefore, moves the attention on the structures of the sequences and on the composition, in combining with the effect of the pure sounds..
waveform e.p. made entirely with the Bhajis Loops software and constructed from only raw waveforms (sine, saw, tri, square) and a few of the GM soundbanks included with the program..

released as mp3 in 2005 on laverna.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : surface tension

02 : we thought it was thunder and lightning

03 : she couldn’t just wait forever

04 : hungry crow

05 : division st.

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