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transient – symphony of curves [dwk196] mp3


Release Text (Dusted Wax Kingdom):
This is the special remastered edition of “Symphony Of Curves” EP by Transient (originally self-released back in 2010). A sample-heavy trip into deep downtempo dimensions and a tribute to the music of the 30’s to the early 70’s. Released as MP3 in 2010 on noisyvagabond, Re-Issued and Re-mastered by VPD on Dusted Wax Kingdom in 2013.


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transient – green butter ep [dwk053] mp3

Release Text:
Transient is back with another release full of lovely loungy vibes, trancy moods, glitch-hop beats and chilled ambience.
Green Butter EP is your perfect music pill to make you feel great and spread the spring freshness.

released as mp3 in 2010 on dusted wax kingdom.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : GB intro

02 : time slips away

03 : green butter

04 : it’s a beautiful day outside

05 : pithap

06 : whck

07 : depthgroove

08 : can’t stop my smile

09 : taming content

10 : gb outro



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transient vs. vpd – bright expressing time ep [oom008]/[dwk039] mp3

Release Text:
After the official release for HumanWorkshop in 2008, this brilliant collaboration EP comes to us re-mastered
with one more interlude track. The experimental synthetic flow of Transient meets the organic grooves of
Violent Public Disorderaz in a beautiful blend of enjoyable dusted ambience and phat beats.

released as mp3 in 2008 by fant00m, re-released with bonus track in 2009 by dusted wax kingdom.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : Transient – Bright Expressing Time (1999 Edit)

02 : Transient – Bright Expressing Time (2008 Edit)

03 : Violent Public Disorderaz – Bright Expressing Interlude

04 : Violent Public Disorderaz – Bright Expressing Time (2007 Edit)

05 : Violent Public Disorderaz – Bright Expressing Time (2008 Edit)

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transient – a sudden soft implosion of noiselessness [dwk026] mp3

Release Text:
Here is a special release for Dusted Wax Kingdom by Transient – your ticket for a colourful journey from oldschool breakbeat worlds through experimental trancy ambience to glittering IDM planets in new downtempo and trip-hop dimensions.

released as mp3 in 2008 on dusted wax kingdom.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : plain jane

02 : crazy

03 : innercalm

04 : fly like a beagle

05 : everyone still isn’t listening to the lorax (screw the stupid thneeds!)

06 : chaos skit

07 : right and wrong

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