transient – mp3.con collection #3 (4/4) [nvr017] mp3

Release Text : 
Installment #3 in the mp3.con series of forgotten (and mabye for the better ;p ..) transient works. This collections theme is tracks with that 4/4 dancefloor vibe. All the tracks were originally available on the now defunct and were written in the year 2000. The tunes range from the eastern idm tinged ‘solidify’, to the squelching acid of ‘repitipatatoh’, to the more traditional melodic trance of ‘om me ne pad me hung’, the acidic breakbeat ‘navel’s eye to the world’, and my cheese dance ambient solo mix of ‘what comes next?’ off of nvr015 by Absorbed in the Spring. Enjoy the trip!

Written in 2000, released in 2004 as mp3 on noisyvagabond.


Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : solidify

02 : repitipatatoh (4:20 birthday mix)

03 : om ma ne pad me hung

04 : navel’s eye to the world

05 : what comes next? (transient solo mix)

Available on….

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