transient – mp3.con collection #1 (experimental) [nvr013] mp3

elease Text:
When closed it’s doors it left a large swath of my music unavailable to the general listening public. So i’ve broken most of the tracks into collections based on loose genres. This is “mp3.con collection #1 (experimental)” with the more whacky tracks from 1999-2001. Check out the new stuff if you haven’t already, this is more archival then anything else.

written in 2000, released in 2004 as mp3 on noisyvagabond.


Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : highwire

02 : ourselves

03 : freeform vs. boxes

04 : sane shift ahead

05 : hide & seek

06 : for elevation

07 : dense blazing star

08 : conversing with beatle 4 in the float chamber

Available on….

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