01 : LPs, noisy vagabond

transient – future jazz played underwater [nvr010] mp3

Full Download (.zip)

Release Text:
A nice laid-back collection of lofi “trip-hopish” tracks. I made an effort not to get too complicated or involved in any of the tracks, although some tend to slip into more “idm-ish” territories. A collection of quick-trackin’ jammz. My personal favorites on this release are “material malfunktion”,”cute people & god”, “metal chews”, “liquid.sudz.detergent”, & “take the axe & cut it down”.

Released as low press CDr in 2002 by noisyvagabond. Re-released as mp3 in 2004.


1 Comeback 5:24
2 Material Malfunktion 5:14
3 Cute People & God 5:35
4 Metal Chews 4:15
5 Riding Dragonflii 3:21
6 Drop Routines In An Abyss 4:05
7 Exit Stress 4:05
8 Rooftops 6:29
9 Unwind 4:12
10 Liquid. Sudz. Detergent 5:39
11 Swampthing 5:06
12 Take The Axe & Cut It Down 4:28
13 Astral Overlook 9:07
14 Mindzahblaze 5:05

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