transient – believe the calm [nvr025] mp3

Whole Release (.zip)

Release Text:
‘Believe the Calm’ is a mixed bag of electronic twiddling. The first half of the record is dedicated to mellow idm/downtempo, than a couple beatless ambient tracks bridge the gap to the end of the record, where you’ll find some harder tracks, and even some attempts at handheld industrial.

Released as mp3 in 2005 on noisyvagabond.

1 Joyous Expression 4:58
2 Ping Pong March 4:18
3 Cough Cough 3:30
4 Swollen Gland 4:58
5 Perfection Reflection 3:14
6 Stranded 2:26
7 Rumble Strips 4:58
8 Nothing Can Stop It 2:54
9 Da Handheld Rockah 2:57
10 You Couldn’t Believe The Calm 2:20

(Track 10 removed from new upload, don’t worry it was awful.)

Also available on….

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